Near Space Photography Packages

We offer D.I.Y and commissioned flight services

D.I.Y service

Clients hire our HAB equipment, obtain their own CAA flight clearance, and operate the balloon themselves.

Commissioned flight service

Near Space photography obtains CAA flight clearance and operates the balloon.

With each service, Near Space Photography can tailor the flight to the customer’s needs.
Please contact the Near Space Photography team for a quotation.

We make available a full range of the latest Go Pro Hero 2, 3, and 3+ cameras, easy to use trackers, flight computers, meteorological sensors, and parachutes. Using our equipment, customers can record video and still photography in near space with as little or as much help as they want. They can collect a range of meteorological data and detailed 3D flight paths. They can also release items from the main payload using a modified flight computer.

Near Space Photography can design and build clients payload or simply fly whatever you provide. We have links with a range of design, printing, fabrication, sculpture, and animation companies who can produce a payload to your specification.

Schools and colleges are welcome and receive discount rates.

About Near Space Photography

Near Space Photography has highly experienced high altitude balloon operators covering USA, UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.

With the combined experience of over 50 flights, Near Space Photography gives perspectives that were never possible before.
Within our operators we have a range of specialisms including still photography, video, and payload design.